Yuma and Vegas Vacation

Bagley had a Radiation Oncology Conference in Vegas this Spring. Jack and I flew out early and spent a week at my parent's place in Yuma, Arizona. It was a fun vacation for me. I got to go shopping in Mexico with my mom a few times and then I got to go golfing with my dad a few times. Jack loved running around the house playing with Nana and Papa. It was a little too hot to have him outside for very long (105 degrees). We had a great time and will have to go back again.
Jack running around Nana and Papa's yard in Yuma.

Bagley and I have a hard time getting Jack to sit still while we read one or two blocks from the children's scripture stories. Jack sat and listened to Papa for an entire story!

He loves his Nana!

Yummy Mexican Tacos!!! 

Shopping in Mexico with my mom. She seemed to know everyone there.

Thanks for a fun week in Yuma! We definitely will have to come back.
After our week in Yuma, we met Bagley in Vegas. Maga and Boppa were also able to come to Vegas to see us. We had fun walking around, trying new restaurants, and swimming in the pool.
Super Boy! Ready for the water.

Watching the Bellagio fountains with Maga and Boppa.

Maga sharing the good stuff.

Jack loves animals. He thought the Rainforest Cafe was the best.


He kept saying "more more more alligator"

Even though he never eats Mm's, he realized very quickly that  their were nummies in this store.

It is always an adventure when we go out to eat with the Bagley's!

Jack loved swimming in Vegas. He cried every time we had to leave the pool.

Caesar's Palace

Jack loves to feed himself.

Bagley's brother and his family happened to be in Vegas the same weekend. It was fun to have breakfast with them. Jack loved little June and wanted to give her lots of hugs.


  1. Sounds like a fun successful trip! Did your parents move? Jack is adorable! How is your pregnancy going with the twins?

  2. Oh Diana he is getting so big! He is going to be an amazing big brother! Glad it was a great trip and even happier you updated your blog!!!