Family Vacation 2012

Bagley had a few vacation days left in June so we decided to go to the Wisconsin Dells for a family vacation. We had a great time and packed in as much as we could. We started out by going to Monkey Joe's which is a play place with blow up slides and bouncy houses. We thought that we would wear Jack out before driving two hours to the Dells. Then we spent two days swimming at Mount Olympus and Chula Vista water parks. Jack was a little nervous in the beginning when it came to some of the water slides but he quickly overcame that and had a great time. I couldn't do much on this trip since I couldn't really go on the bouncy houses or down any of the water slides but it was fun to take pictures and watch Jack and Bagley play.
Conductor Jack

1-2-3 Weeeee!

Jack got really fast climbing up the slides.

Jumping with Dada

Bagley is teaching him early to map out his vacation and pack in as much fun as he can!

Loving the water fountains.

It took a few tries but Jack quickly learned to like the water slides.

Playing basketball in the water.

Best buddies

Jack riding Babe at Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty.

Yummy donuts!

Lumber Jack breakfast feast.

Jack driving the military ducks. We took a tour on the Wisconsin Ducks which is a military car that can drive on land and then directly into the water like a boat and then drive back onto land again.

Jack and Mama floating down the Wisconsin River.

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