Summer Fun

We have had a fun packed summer! We decided that we better do some fun things since the twins will be here at the end of the summer and then none of us will be going anywhere for a while!
Jack and Charly taking one last ride together before she moves.

Best little buddies enjoying a wagon ride and some nummies.

Jack and Camden just finished their screaming and laughing competition.

Love this boy!

Jack is more independent everyday. He loves to feed himself.

Jack's new favorite food...."burgers". Sandwiches and Hamburgers are both "burgers".

Beep! Beep! The dinosaur train is coming through!

Jack is digging for dinosaur fossils at Kids in Motion.

I think we have a mouse in our house.

Jack loves hanging out with Fred. Fred always finds something good for Jack to eat.

Jack never gets tired of the carousel.

All his animals. These toys keep him busy everyday. 

He is definitely our kid. Eating Mexican food and limes!

Jack has become more and more attaches to his binky in the last few weeks. He is no longer happy with just one binky. He always asks for two binkies.

First fat lip. He acts like a five year old when he is at the park. He got this while walking on top of a cement wall.

I tried to contain him one Sunday morning so I could get ready for church.

Hey peacock come back!!

This stuff tastes awful!

Picasso in training.

Jack and Dada learning about water at the children's museum.


Jack is fascinated with the piano. Every Sunday after sacrament meeting he runs up to the guy playing the organ  and just stares at him while he plays. This floor piano at the children's museum just might be Jack's favorite part of the museum.

More carousel please.

We have discovered splash parks this summer. Jack runs through the water while a lot of the older kids stand around trying not to get sprayed. 

Papa will be proud that we are starting Jack out so early.

We were babysitting Kenzie and her and Jack kept cuddling up on Bagley's lap.

I'm good. I got my milk, nummies, and ni-night in my comfortable box.

Jack giving hugs to the bear at Cabela's.

Jack and Cole watching the goats eat.

Petting the donkeys at the family farm.

Bastille days in downtown Milwaukee.

Jack enjoying ice cream at Bastille days.

I think we wiped him out this summer because this kid never does this!

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