Holy Hill

Autumn in Wisconsin is so beautiful. Sometimes it just goes too fast and before you know it all of the leaves are down. While my parents were here we were able to go to Holy Hill and enjoy the leaves. I am not ready for winter to be here!

I love daddy, he loves me!

My two sweet guys hanging out.


Jack loves bathtime!

Go Cougars!

My dad is teaching Jack early on to be a BYU fan, much to Bagley's dismay. Bagley told me he would delete a BYU post so we will see how long this lasts!!

Nana and Papa Dalling

Jack's first set of grandparents came to see him. We had so much fun with them here. My mom got to spend almost three weeks with us. She was convinced that Jack was coming early and so she changed her ticket to come earlier, while my dad had to change his ticket to come later because Jack was a week late.


Jack and Diana are now home. He seems to get more adorable every day. Everything he does from yawning and smacking his lips to stretching and sucking on his tiny hands has his parents completely enthralled. He even christened his room by urinating all over it and Diana and Kathleen (they hopefully learned their lesson). He is a little jaundiced and Diana took him to the pediatrician for the first time today. His bilirubin is on its way down. As Diana and I drove home with him in his carseat in the back of our station wagon, it hit us how really great this is. (By the way, how awesome is his hair?)

After some coaxing . . .

HE IS HERE! He was a week late and had to be enticed by hormonal persuasion to make his debut, but Jack Rex Bagley was born on Tuesday, 10/5/10, at 6:04 pm. He weighed an ideal 7 lbs 7 oz and measures 20 in long. He comes with complete inventory of parts including 20 digits, 2 big brown eyes, 1 cone head, dagger-like fingernails, and more hair than his unfortunate father. In short, he was just what the doctor (I) ordered. He is adorable and though this is somewhat biased, it has been confirmed by a number of corroborating sources (everyone who has the chance to lay eyes upon the kid). Diana performed marvelously and the doctor had to ask her to only give 75% because the little guy was about to squirt across Labor and Delivery Room 12. Both mom and baby appear to be in excellent health. We can't wait for everyone to meet him.