Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! We had such a fun filled day. We were able to go to the Wauwatosa parade, enjoy the fire hose at Enderis Park, chat with friends at the ward BBQ, swim and BBQ at Fred's house, and then fireworks at Hart Park. Jack was a trooper and let us drag him from place to place with no naps. We thought he might be a little scared during the fireworks because of the loud noises but it didn't seem to phase him. We are so grateful to live in this country and enjoy the freedoms that our fore fathers fought for. We thank all of the military men, women, and their families for all the sacrifices they make to ensure our freedoms.
God Bless America!
Jack's first 4th of July!

Jack enjoying the parade.

He really liked all of the dogs in the parade.

Mini Volkswagen Bug
This is the group of  friends that we watched the parade with. The Schows were nice to let us all  set up on their lawn.
On the way home from the parade we saw the local fire department spraying people in the park so we stopped the car and decided to join the rest of the crowd.

What are you guys doing to me?

We love this boy!

Long Day! Tired Baby!

Jack thought Dada was so funny when he would dive in the water and then pop back up.

I love watermelon. I could probably eat it everyday. I gave Jack some to suck on and see what he thought.  He liked it almost as much as I do. I had to keep putting in new pieces when all of the juice was gone. He was not happy with me when I tried to refill it. 

Don't take my watermelon!

Soooo Good!

New friends! Taylor, Whit, Jack and Eliza

Watching Fireworks with Mama.

I am not sure who is having more fun!

Family Vacation 2011

We went on a family vacation to Chicago. Ryan had a week of vacation saved up so he planned this fun trip to Chicago so that we could get out of town while all of our friends were moving away. We had a great week and packed in as much as we could. The first day we walked around Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile and then ate deep dish pizza. The next day we went to the Shed Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Art Museum. I was surprised how much Jack liked the fish at the aquarium. I thought he might be too young to enjoy it but he had a lot of fun looking at all of the fish. We were excited to show Jack the T-Rex at the Field Museum. The next day we went to the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). It was so scary to take the first step out onto the sky deck. It made me very nervous to have Jack sit on the sky deck all by himself. I think he started to get a little nervous after a while as well. After the tower we hit Taste of Chicago and tried many of the different foods Chicago has to offer. Later that day we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We had so much fun playing with all of the different experiments and gadgets. Jack was so good the whole time. We dragged him all over for three days. He spent a lot of time in his stroller. When he got tired he would fall asleep in the stroller. It was so cute to see him each night at the hotel when we would get him out of the stroller and let him roll around on the bed. He would get so excited and start laughing and then stretch out his legs and arms and squeal. We are so lucky to have such a good little boy. We stayed outside the city for the next two nights and just relaxed and took it easy. On Sunday we got to welcome back some of our friends from med school who moved to Chicago for residency. Here are some pictures from our trip.
Skyline from Navy Pier

Legos * Star Wars =  Nerd^2

He doesn't like that I am holding him back from the deep dish.

First taste of  Pizza

Jack was a champ even though he spent many hours in the stroller.

Very unsatisfying beluga show at the aquarium.

Only one crab in this photo. Jack was happy despite late nights and no naps.

Chicago's Field Museum

J-Rex seeing his first T-Rex

Taking a short break from all of the walking.

Jack got his own bed in the hotel. He was not disappointed.

So happy to be able to stretch out and roll around.

Chicago from the Willis (Sears) Tower

Diana is only smiling on the outside; inside she is crying.

Jack and I enjoy the view from above.

A little unsure about how he feels about being 110 floors up.

His arms were out like this the whole time. Hopefully, he does not develop acrophobia.

Lots of yummy food!

The Idaho in me wanted to show Jack all of the farm stuff at the Museum of Science and Industry.
Guess it wasn't very interesting to him.

Dada introducing Jack to the fun of trains.

City of Chicago and miniature trains.

Ryan showing Jack how to make the balls float.

Jack thought it was so cool that he could touch the electric lights.

Making sure we have the most important cargo with us before we head home.

Happy Father's Day!

Jack is so lucky to have such a wonderful Dada! Ryan is such a fantastic dad. Jack adores him and gets so excited whenever he walks through the door. One day Ryan was working late and wanted to come home and see Jack before bed. He asked the doctor he was working with if he could go home so that he could see his son before bedtime. The doctor asked Ryan how old Jack was and then proceeded to tell him that kids at that age don't really recognize you. Ryan pulled out the following picture he had taken a few days before on his phone and said, "Ya wanna bet"!
Does this look like a kid who doesn't recognize his dad!

 Ants on a log as a snack request. Some men never grow up!

Jack and Dada sharing a snack.

Happy Father's Day Dada! I love you!!

Saying Good-Bye

We had a busy few weeks as we tried to pack in as much fun as we could with our friends before they all moved away. We enjoyed one last cul-de-sac BBQ, we hung out in the yard and enjoyed the nice summer nights, we went out to eat, and we tried to hit the last few things on everyone's lists before moving away. We had a great time and we will miss all of our friends a lot. It is always hard to say good bye but we know we will always keep in touch and get together whenever we can. Thanks for all of the fun memories!!!
Cul-de-sac boys


One last cul-de-sac bbq before everyone moves.

Jack playing with Jos and Landon

Going out to eat at Organ Piper Pizza with Nances and Rowans.

All the kids came to play while parents attended graduation.

The T.V. show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives featured Frank's Diner in Kenosha
so  we all went to give it a try and they did not disappoint!

Everyone enjoying their garbage plates, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls. Yum Yum!

Jack and Dada patiently waiting for their food.
Joslyn and Elliot giving each other good-bye kisses.

Playing at the park near Lake Michigan.

Jack had fun riding the Jelly Belly train while we toured the Jelly Belly factory.

Yummy Yummy Jelly Belly's!

Spaghetti might not have been the best choice to make for a house full of kids!