Ryan's Birthday

Bagley's parents were in town for his birthday. Ryan was able to take a few days off of work to hang out with us. We had a lot of fun.
Happy Birthday Dada!

Jack helping Dada open his presents.

He wasn't so sure about being in the box.

Make a wish!

German Chocolate Floor Cake! Bagley's poor mom spent two days working on this cake. She made the whole thing from scratch and then as soon as it was finished, the lid of the container fell off and the cake fell on the floor. We felt so bad for her but we were able to get rid of the parts that touched the floor and they ate it anyway.

Happy Birthday! And many more!

We took a little trip to western Wisconsin where we went to Effigy Mounds. We went a few years ago but Bagley's parents wanted to go and Bagley wanted to take Jack to his first National Monument, Park, etc.

Starting the love for National Parks early.

He loved sitting by himself up there until he realized how high he was and then he got nervous and wanted to get down.

Overlooking the Mississippi River.

The Bagley Boys in Bagley, Wisconsin.

There is a small town in Wisconsin named Bagley. So naturally we had to visit and eat lunch at the Bagley Hotel.

Many Faces of Jack

Jack has many funny faces. He is also saying a few words like "Uh Oh" and "Wow". He loves to look at random strangers and make them smile. He is such a happy little boy.
Ute fan in training

Bath time is my favorite time.

Uh Oh!

Yummy spaghetti 



Jacks days consist of eating, sleeping, and playing. Here are a few pictures of him playing. He has such a fun and energetic personality. His big thing lately is to make messes. He loves to empty out any cupboard or drawer he can get into. He also knows he shouldn't be doing it because as soon as Bagley or I walk in the room, he throws down whatever is in his hands and crawls away as fast as he can.
Who needs toy when you have a box.

Peek a boo!

Conehead the destroyer!

Super Rascal

Gotta love those rosy cheeks.


He is getting an early start (6:00 am) at spreading the newspaper around.

What color of sock did you ask me to find again?

I got your nigh stand emptied out for you!

Goldfish anyone?

You're welcome!

Are you sure you want to open 17 tabs?

I love watching him read books by himself.

He wasn't quite sure about the loud sound he was making with the bowl. 

Teeth tug-o-war

Summer Fun

Jack and I were able to take a trip to Utah and Idaho this summer. We had a lot of fun spending time with both families. Jack was able to do a lot of "firsts". It was fun to experience them with him.
We went to the Tracy Aviary with Bagley's sister and her kids and his mom. They have this cute little river for the kids to play in, which represents Salt Lake Valley and all of its canyons. Jack loves the water. He had so much fun pounding on the rocks and splashing in the water.

Reading stories with Maga, Beth, and Sam.

Jack's first boat ride on the Bags of Fun. His new life jacket was a little snug! 

Yes I am one of those moms who stresses about my child getting sunburned so I made sure Jack had  a hat, sunglasses,spf body suit, sunblock, and water socks. Poor Kid!

Happy Boy!

Jos giving Jack a zerbert. We were able to visit our good friends who had moved away. It was so fun to  them!

Jack loved the tag on Beth's monkey. It kept him entertained for a long time.

Jack and Boppa

Jack got to meet his new cousin June while we were there. Lizzy decided to be serious for the camera.

Bagley's two cousins, Savannah and Abby were so cute with Jack. I wish they lived closer so they could babysit for us. 

After spending time in Salt Lake, we headed to my family reunion at Bear Lake. We spent the day at the pool instead of the lake because we thought the water would be way too cold for all of the babies.

Nana and Papa, take us to the pool!   

Every time I would put Jack on the floor, Kate would come and sit by him like this. It was so cute to watch them play .

On our way out of town we stopped in for a huge slice of pizza!

Aunt Nats gave Jack his first professional haircut. We wish she could cut his hair every time.

I didn't think kids were suppose to be so happy getting their haircut.

I love this boy!

Jack had a hard time sleeping at night (which is nothing new) so this is how he went to sleep each night while we were in Idaho. I think Papa enjoyed it as much as Jack.

First Carousel ride

Jack and Kate swinging.

First trip to Tautphaus Park Zoo. It is a lot better than when I was growing up. It was fun to see more than just a sad camel with a tipped over hump on his back.

Jack, Payton, Paisley, Paxton, and Kate at the zoo.

We went to the splash park in Rexburg. Jack sat by the fountains and splashed it into his face.

Are you sure we have to leave the splash park?

I decided to take some pictures of Jack in the bath tub while I was at my parents house. Our tub is an ugly pink color and the pictures in this tub turned out better.

In this picture he is squirting water but it looks like he is peeing!

Swinging under the deck at my parents.

Nana and Papa making Jack laugh.

Jack and Paxton hanging out.

Wisconsin State Fair

Enjoying the pig races.

I left the animal petting up to Jack and Dada.

Jack's New Friends
Jack and Brantley playing together.

Jack and his new buddy Eric.

Isaiah, Jack, and Benji taking a wagon ride.