Snow Day 2011

Yesterday we got "the storm of the century" for Milwaukee. We got 19.8 inches of snow and gusts of wind up to 47 mph which created huge snow drifts. I didn't think it was as bad as some of the other snow storms we have had since living in Wisconsin but maybe I am so accustomed to the snow and cold that none of it seems so bad anymore. Wisconsin for 4 ½ more years here we are! Since there was so much snow the entire city basically shut down. My husband and some of his friends got to stay home from work and so they decided to do what all men would do……
BUILD A SNOW TUNNEL! Ryan, Brad, Matt, and Eric spent their morning wisely playing snow football and then building this tunnel and then sledding through it. Men never really grow up no matter how old they get!

Playing in the snow is hard work!

I'll admit I had to test it out.

Snow up to the windows of our apartment building
Digging out the walkway
Snow drifts in the driveway
This reminds me of the sand in the desert after the wind.
Oh how good the desert sounds about now!


When you move to Wisconsin, it is only natural to become a Packers fan. Since Jack was born in Wisconsin he already has Packer genes. We have had fun watching them play over the last four years and look forward to the next five years. Super Bowl 2011 here we come. Go Packers!!!


Jack is wearing a pair of PJ's that belonged to Ryan when he was a baby. They were so cute on him with the NASA and American Flag patch. I also love his hair in these pictures. The last two pictures were taken in the same outfit but a couple weeks apart. It is amazing how he has changed. I love that smile!!!

Our little Fishy

I am so glad that Jack has always loved to take a bath. He likes to splash and gets more and more excited the more he splashes. I can't wait to take him swimming.


This past December my sweet husband decided to take advantage of the one (away rotation) that his internship offers and work for a doctor in Idaho. He worked at an Oncology Clinic in my home town so I could spend time with family. He enjoyed working with Dr. Dixon, Dr. Hancock, and their staff. I enjoyed spending time with family and introducing Jack to family and friends. Our families live about 4 hours apart so we were able to visit family in Utah as well. We had a great time! Here are some pictures of our trip. Thank you to our parents for letting us stay there for a month!

Utah Fun

Jack preparing to face the cold
Bagley Family at Temple Square
We all enjoyed the beautiful Temple Square

Pieta' by Michelangelo

While we were in Utah, we went to see the Pieta'. St. Marks Hospital had this replica of the sculpture.
The real one is found in Vatican City.

Idaho Fun

Jack was outnumbered most of the time
Jack and his "Rex" ornament
Nana is so funny
Cafe' Rio- Yum! Yum!
Mama loves taking naps with Jack

Best Christmas Gift Ever!

We will see if he likes Santa next year.
This picture reminds me of the Grinch with all of his loot!

Jack's Blessing

While we were in Utah, we were able to bless Jack. We had such a wonderful day. We were blessed to have so many family members and friends support us. We had everyone there except my brother David and his family and Ryan's brother Dallin and his family. We are so blessed to have Jack as a part of our family. You may be wondering why our son is wearing a dress in some of the pictures. Ryan's great-grandmother made this dress by hand. Each of her two children was blessed in this dress Ryan's grandmother Dorothy and her brother Howard. Jack is the only boy in the family that has been blessed in this dress since President Hunter. We were grateful to be able to use it.
Why am I wearing a dress???
Four generations of Jack R. Bagley

Meet the cousins

Jack got to meet all but three of his cousins on this trip. They all loved baby Jack and took such good care of him. He can't wait to meet Preston, Claire and Rhett. His oldest cousin Beth said to me after not seeing us for a few days,"Jack gets fatter every time I see him! She is such a crack-up!
The only way to get everyone to sit for one picture was to have Nana on one side and Aunt Nats on the other!
Beth, Sam, James and Jack
James and Jack are already good friends
Lizzy and Jack
Paisley gave Jack lots of sweet kisses
Kate and Jack trying to figure out how to hold hands

Sledding with Uncle Val

This was Jack's first time sledding. He didn't seem to like it. I don't know if it was the actual sledding or that it was about 10 degrees outside and his little lungs were shocked!