State Fair

We attended the Wisconsin State Fair. We had a great time as always trying the crazy new fair food of the year. This year it was the pork donut. Pulled pork between a sugar glaze donut. Jack loved the animals. He kept "baaing" at all of the sheep. We decided that it will be pretty crazy walking around the fair next year with three little boys instead of one!  
Gotta love the Wisconsin State Fair!

Jack saw the carousel and just had to take a ride. Good thing his parents are suckers when it comes to fun!

Jack and Dada racing Eric and Tanner.

Pork donut anyone?

Jack loved the livestock. He could have walked around there all day.

Eating corn while watching the pig races. Could life get any better?

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First taste of the famous state fair cream puffs.

Ya it's good!

Is Dada trying to get a kiss or just more whipped cream?

Jack thought it was pretty funny when I spread whipped cream all over my mouth like his.

Cream Puff hangover!

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