Happy Independence Day!

Wisconsin has been unusually hot this summer. We have had very few day less than 95 degrees plus the humidity. Some days have been so miserable you don't even want to go outside. The fourth was one of those days but we had so much we wanted to do that we actually spent most of the day outside. We had a great time going to the parade. Jack tried to eat his candy as fast as he could. Then we headed to our annual ward party. It was a fun Hawaiian theme. I forgot Jack's swimming suit but he didn't mind. He dove right into the pool in all of his clothes! After the ward party we went to Fred and Kathy's for more swimming and food before heading home to cool off. We enjoyed the rest of the night with friends at the Hart Park firework show. Jack loved the fireworks and kept asking for more.
Tosa Parade

100 degree weather makes it a little difficult to enjoy the parade.

Jack decided he needed to cool off during the ward BBQ.

Yummy Hawaiian food at the ward party.

I just love my Jack Jack!

I thought putting the parade candy out of reach would solve the problem. I should know better!

Swimming at Fred and Kathy's.

Jack and his best buddy Eric laughing at the octopus man.

Cute little friends.

Enjoying the fireworks at Hart Park.

It took a minute but then he was so excited that he kept saying, "more boom".

Fun family day! Happy 4th of July!

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