The best Dada around!

Happy Father's Day to the greatest dad! Bagley is such a good dad. He is always finding new and funny things to teach Jack. Jack loves playing with his Dada. We are so lucky to have such a fun loving, hard working Dada in our family! We love you!
Jack made this tie for Bagley for Father's Day. I asked Bagley if he was going to wear it to church since he was conducting Sacrament Meeting and he said of course I am going to wear it.

Relaxing with You tube.

Jack and Dada sharing some breakfast together.

This is Jack's new thing. He loves to make a big pile of toys and hen have us sit in the middle of it and play.

Silly Dada always finding a way to make us laugh!

Up all night with a sick toddler. Dada trying to catch a few Zzzzz before heading to work.

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  1. That is awesome that Bagley wore Jack's homemade tie to church!