Baby MD

Before we ever had Jack, I found these doctor scrubs for a little baby and had to buy them. It was fun to see my two guys in their scrubs. Jack just loves his Dada. He is so lucky to have such a great dad to look up to.

Big Boy

It is nice to relax after a long day of church
Chillin' in my bumbo
You talking to me?

We love the chub!

Super Bowl Champions!

I know that the Packers won the Super Bowl over a month ago but I still wanted to pay tribute and post a few pictures of our Super Bowl party. As you can see we had a hard time containing Jack's excitement! We had a few friends over and some good food. I didn't get a picture of the Rowans but we are glad they were able to come. GO PACK GO!!!
Intense Game
Yeah Packers!!
Brad and Jos all in green.

Random Jack

Here are a few pictures of Jack that we have taken over the last month. He is growing up so fast and is such a sweet baby. He is starting to sit on his own and he laughs and smiles all the time. We couldn't ask for a better baby!
Tummy Time!
I am not sure I will survive my 2 minutes of tummy time!
I hope someday he will learn to be nice to his face.
How do you like my "kicks"?
Enjoying some much needed TV with Dada!