Butterfly, Dinosaur, and Frog Hunter

My friend Nina and I took the kids to the Milwaukee Public Museum one day. the boys had a lot of fun running around. We took them into the butterfly room which consists of trees, rocks, water, an butterflies flying around the room. Jack liked to see the butterflies from a distance but very nervous when they would land on him.
Jack and Eric searching for butterflies.

Jack did not like when the butterflies would land on him. He is basically frozen in this picture and didn't move until I removed the butterfly.

Two smart boys!
The public zoo had a dinosaur exhibit going on this summer so we took Jack to it since he loves his "roars". We had a great time. It reminded me of the movie Jurassic Park. The dinosaurs were very large and moved around. Jack couldn't get enough!
Do you want some popcorn Mr. Dinosaur?

Jack, Dada, and Tyrannosaurus-Rex

One of the dinosaurs spit water out of his mouth. While all the other kids were crying from being sprayed, Jack kept saying, "more, more, more". We spent the most time with this dinosaur.


Milwaukee has been so dry this summer but one day a few weeks ago it rained quite a bit. There is a pond near the cancer center and MCW that apparently has a lot of frogs living in it. We went with our friends to catch some frogs and let the boys play with them. Jack and Eric both enjoyed the frogs from a distance but got very nervous anytime the frogs got close to them.
I don't know about this!

I was able to catch this frog with my bare hands while being 8 months pregnant!

They both liked the frogs much better when they were inside the net.

Jack and Eric taking time out to wrestle.

It is so sad to see the panic on his little face. He did not like the frog on his lap!

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  1. Loves Dinosaurs, is afraid of butterflies and frogs? I'll have to get him a toy frog and butterfly.