Blessed Easter to You!

We had a much better Easter this year. Jack enjoyed hunting for eggs and discovering the sweetness inside.

Play group Easter egg hunt.

Jack and Scarlet sharing their eggs.

Cul-de-sac Easter egg hunt.

Jack was very good at finding the eggs.

Luckily he didn't realize there was candy inside each egg. 

Fellow egg hunters.

Someone shared the secret of the eggs.

Family egg dying fun.

I love my Elmo egg.

These eggs are not as good as the ones from the hunt.

Easter morning after he found his basket.

I thought he would like peeps since he loves marshmallows but he proved to be like the rest of the world and didn't want more than one bite. Happy Easter!

Spring 2012

We have had a very busy spring. Jack is growing up so fast. He is such a little boy and not a baby anymore. He makes us laugh every day with the things he says and does.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Our little leprechaun.

I woke up on Saturday morning with Jack sitting like this.

Watching cartoons with Dada.

First time Jack got to play in the snow this year and yes it was in the spring.

He stood frozen for a minute not quite sure what to do.

Jack and Dada in their matching coats.

Jack preferred to sled on his belly. His poor face looked frozen but he kept saying  "more more more".

Jack loves to pile all of the clean laundry on top of himself and cuddle with it.

Jack and I went to the domes to see the train exhibit. 
Milwaukee Domes Rainforest

Jack's morning routine consists of eating nummies while watching Elmo.

Jack and Cole exploring the ambulance at the fire station.

Just taking a bath while reading a good book.

We went to Sheboygan, WI for the day. We found a little park right on the lake. Jack loved the "wee" as he calls it. It was his first time going down the slide alone. He would start saying more more more halfway down the slide.

Dada makes everything more fun.

It was freezing!

Bagley taking a soak in a Kholer tub after a long afternoon at the park.

All grown up!

I am good as long as I got my nummies, my "roars" and Elmo on my phone.

He loves to climb on the table to get nummies.

I guess I am not a very good babysitter when the kid dives into the tub while I am sitting on the floor right next to him.  Jack was happy to have a friend join in the fun.

Jack and his buddy Eric taking a wagon ride.

It is always more fun to feed yourself.

My good little helper.

Strawberry anyone?

Wee! Wee!

Nummy salsa! He kept saying "Mmmm" after every bite.

Can't get enough of this kid!

Jack's favorite spot to eat nummies.
Yes he is eating the Kix we spilled on the driveway.
Jack's new favorite thing is to take a bath in his food.
They feel as good as they taste.
I don't want to smile for the picture.
Double date with Charly, Eric and Nora.

Say Cheese!

While I was in Idaho I had some one year old pictures taken of Jack. It was so difficult to get him to hold still long enough to take a picture. He wanted to run all over the place. We finally had to stick him in that tree stump to get a few shots because he couldn't get out of it. They turned out really cute and definitely showed his fun personality. I love this little guy and can not believe how fast he is growing up.