Busy Jack

I never thought that I would be one of those moms who finds somewhere to take her kids everyday. I always saw myself as more of a homebody but since I don't really have many "mom" hobbies and Jack constantly moving, I find myself going out and about most days. Here are a few of the fun things Jack and I have been doing lately.
Post-it boy!

Jack and Dada playing on the phone.

I finally got smart and moved the extra toilet paper to a different location.

Our poor baby had the flu so he is laying on his sick bed watching Elmo.

Wauwatosa fire station tour.

Jack driving the fire engine.

Firefighter Jack

It was like the Disneyland characters all over again. He was pulling on my hair to pull me away.

Yee Haw!

This chair is just the right size.

Sometimes I take Jack to different stores just to let him run around since there isn't much room to run in our apartment. His big thing lately is to find the smallest spaces and just hang out there.

We have had such great weather this winter. I can't believe we are playing at the park in January.

Our downtown Library is great. Besides all of the books it has a Lego table, puppet show area, a lighthouse  to explore and a train table. Jack loved playing with the trains.

Monkey Joe's bouncy house.

Two goofballs! 

Couch Potato

All tuckered out.

Christmas in Wisconsin

We spent our first Christmas in Wisconsin. We missed our families but we had a great time enjoying the Wisconsin festivities. It was nice to relax and spend time together as a family.
Jack didn't mind the gingerbread couple. He actually smiled at them.

He did not like the snow people and reindeer.

This was the first real cold day of the year. Twenty degrees brrrr!

I don't really get the sock monkey for Christmas.

Cocoa and cookies with the Clauses. Jack was very nervous about the sock monkey standing in the corner. He wasn't about to take his eyes off it.

We went to Bagley's Resident Christmas party. Almost all of the residents are also married to doctors so I am so glad to have my dear friend Rosanna to talk to while the others talk about medicine.

Jack and his buddy Eric riding in Santa's sleigh.

I took Jack to the Milwaukee Domes. They were featuring poinsettias right before Christmas. It was difficult trying to keep Jack from pulling off the leaves.

Merry Christmas Green Bay!

So cute all bundled up.

Train exhibit at Discovery World.

All aboard!

Captain Jack in the hull.

Jack and Dada petting the stingray.

Jack and Mama watching the fish.
Bagley is a master gingerbread house builder.

Candy Clan

Rudolph the red-nosed Jack.

We had so much fun building our gingerbread train with friends.

I took Jack to see the mall Santa and I can't tell who is having less fun: Jack or Santa?

We took Jack to the zoo. This mandrill did not like Jack being so close to her baby that you can't see in the picture. Jack thought she was playing when she kept  angrily swatting the window and pushing her butt up against it.

Jack cried every time we tried to take him out of the Mickey car.

Jingle Jack

Christmas Eve party at the Woolf's. 

Acting out the nativity. 

He's an angry wise-man.

He did not like wearing his Pope hat.

Merry Christmas! 

First present of the season.

I have never seen a bigger Elmo fan.

Santa found us in Milwaukee.

We had to hide the Elmo books after a while so that he would open his other gifts.

The Christmas king overlooking his spoils. 

He is a natural. We didn't even show him what to do. He must get that from his Mama!

I think we went a little overboard on toys. Our apartment is not big enough.

Bagley and I both had the same idea. Is three pounds of peanut brittle ever a bad idea?

This is Jack's favorite spot. It is just the right height for him to sit down and hang out.

You talk'n to me?

We sold our rocking chair. Jack needed one last moment with it.

Happy New Year! The Little New Year left Jack some dinosaurs in his shoe.